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Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!
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From Hopelessness to New Life

Rica’s early childhood was one that many would consider perfect. She was treated as a princess, and her relatives praised her for everything she did. “I was exposed to material things,” she says, “and I was content to play video games and go to malls.”

Although Rica was allowed to be caught up in worldly activities, her mother read the Bible to her every day. But Rica felt that being faithful to God was just a waste of time. “As a kid, I didn’t think these things were necessary,” she says. “I felt that as a Catholic, I automatically belonged to God’s kingdom, so what did it matter if I was naughty.”

When Rica reached fourth grade, however, her world turned upside down. “My family started to fall apart when my mother’s side of the family and my father’s side weren’t getting along. My grandma became bedridden, and my mother felt desperate about it. My nanny, who was with me ever since I was born, left, and I was forbidden to talk to her again. Mean girls at school bullied me and judged me for my physical appearance.”

Because of the pressures in the family, Rica’s mother and her new nanny often directed their anger toward her, and Rica sank into depression. She even became suicidal. As she moved into her teen years, the upheaval in Rica’s life caused her to turn further from God. “Whenever I was invited to churches, I’d sleep the entire time. I was becoming less active in my Christian Living class. My extroverted personality became introverted, filled with agony and anger. I became rebellious.”

She was also introduced to swearing and pornography. “I became addicted, and my mind was filled with lust,” she says. “Every day I cut my skin and cried in front of the mirror, asking God why He had forsaken me. I told God to take my life away and banish me from existence.”

A New Outlook

Everything changed, however, when Rica’s father introduced her to Amazing Facts. “I was deeply moved by what Pastor Doug was saying,” she remembers. “I watched sermons, and I watched the Cosmic Conflict video. The closing prayer taught me how to repent. I saw that even though I was sinful, God still loves me.”

Rica's cosmis conflictRica says that Amazing Facts was an important part of her conversion experience. For example, before hearing Pastor Doug explain how to confess, she had avoided confession for fear that God would reject her. She also credits Amazing Facts for the sermons she watched that told the truth about her old church.

One of her favorite Amazing Facts resources was Joe Crews’ The Last Night on Earth, which taught her the importance of total obedience to God. “I quit the three things that were making me a hypocrite: pornography, violent video games, and Christian rock music. Why gamble your life away and waste opportunities to serve God? Why wait until the seven last plagues strike to repent?”

Rica shares that she is a whole new person. She has formed a Bible study group in her school using the Amazing Facts Study Guides. “I am not ashamed of the gospel.” Rica says that she has learned a lot from her experiences, and she thanks God for saving her even in her struggles. “I’m not sure who said this,” she says, “but it describes what I’ve been through: ‘God sometimes takes us to troubled waters not to drown us but to cleanse us.’ Without the help of Jesus through Amazing Facts, I might still be drowning in the dark abyss, cold and alone. I thank God for that precious day when my pain and brokenness were replaced by love from God.”

And thank you, friend, for helping provide the life-changing resources that have brought hope to Rica and bring hope to so many others around the world!


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